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Sidecar Studio helps brands turn heads and win hearts. Based in Richmond, Virginia, we serve the branding, graphic design, and marketing needs of 40+ clients in a dozen different industries. Let us know how we can partner with you in telling the story of your brand.


Meet Rob

Rob Musser

I help brands tell their story. I weave ideas, words, and visuals together to create solutions that sing. I am a self-starter, a workflow wizard, and a customer-centric creative with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from James Madison University.

For more than 8 years I have been supporting businesses and organizations in the discovery and development of their brands. I help my clients learn what makes them singular and substantive, and create marketing touchpoints that are tailored and targeted to encourage brand loyalty.

I take my mornings early, my coffee black, and my work well done. I have a fondness for font shops, a love for learning, and an affection for all things Apple. I find inspiration in good stories, candid lyrics, and smart advertising. I love my wife, my kids, and at least half of my clients. If you’re having a game night, throwing a costume party, or building a brand call me… I want in.